WinForce Control Panel

Cyber Security Protection for Windows. 

Letting You Win Control Over Your Computer.

It is Your Computer , Why not be in control of it ?

WinForce Puts it together for You on a easy to use Control Panel.

WinForce puts it all together for you

WinForce lets You Win control over Your Operating System.

WinForce Control Panel Helps Protect Your Computer and Rights to Privacy

Without slowing your computer down, like other Antivirus programs do.


WinForce works with NT and XP Operating System Software,

Including Media Center, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.


 Get Quick access to system commands with 1 click.

Device Manager hidden devices and bad driver installs.

Task Manager, Including hidden tasks.

Screen Capture and Printing.

System UAC Control.

Remote Desktop Connections.

Network Management.

Firewall Control.

Pre-fetch Unused file clean up.

Elevated Admin Command Prompt C:\>

Hidden System Task Blocking.

Application Trap and Task Logging.

WinForce INFORCERS & Toolbox full of working System tools is Included.

And Much Much More, Including XP Hardware Key backup.


Includes Web/Ad Blocking, That many sites use to track your habits.

Blocking is totally customizable and works on the fly. 

The WinForce Control Panel supports Host files for new IE versions.


WinForce works in Safe mode, when you need it most, Instead of Re-Formating.


Free WinForce Control Panel Download


Your Support keeps new features coming, Thank You. 

WinForce is a Product of Hometown Security Systems, USA.